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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome To The Jungle

The first words that were said to me when I arrived in Paraguay, "welcome to the jungle". The forty degree weather and humid climate were the first indicators that I was in a country that proved to be somewhat jungle like. I spent my first few weeks soaking up the hot temperate, unaware that a few short weeks later I would be doing everything possible to get out of the stifling heat. The unfamiliar wildlife was the very next thing that captured my attention. Although I had yet to encounter the monkeys and jaguars...  the lizards, parrots, fireflies, excessive mosquitos and giant bats were shocking enough for my Canadian eyes. Something about this atmosphere was just so tropical. The geography of the country itself is beautiful, with trees that have been growing for decades and bright floral displays on every corner. The overhead canvas of treetops and leaves provided an even greater jungle ambience. As I walk down the city streets, covered in bug bites, listening to the birds call and the tree leaves rustle, there is only one thought that crosses my mind. Welcome to the jungle.


  1. I just love those pictures! It looks so warm and peaceful on that patio!!

  2. Wow Nice Article i love this atmosphere.

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