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Sunday, October 7, 2012

There´s something about Paraguay...

Upon arrival in Paraguay, it was everything I had expected. Dirty, noisy, hot and chaotic. All the online research I had done was painfully accurate and I had many doubts that I would adjust into this foreign environment. Naturally, I started spending my time trying to fix what wasn´t broken. Trying to educate the people here on manners and cleanliness, and taking every open opportunity to demonstrate things the way that they are done in Canada. I was so oblivious to the fact that the people of Paraguay were not my students, but my teachers. Three months later, Paraguay is still everything I had expected. Dirty, noisy, hot and chaotic, and there is nothing I would prefer. The noise and the chaos has become such a refreshing reminder that life still exists outside of computers and that communication still exists outside of cell phones. I´ve embraced the lifestyle here to such a great extent that something feels wrong if I don´t hear the neighbours yelling across the street, the vender's trying to make sales on their megaphones or the roosters crowing in the yard. Although I love Canada, there is definitely something about Paraguay. 

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