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Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Can't Escape It

It's been interesting to see so many American brands, and hear so much American music while living in Paraguay. It's true that you really can't escape the north American culture, no matter how far you travel. The irony of all this being that the people here know everything about our country, and we know nothing about theirs. They can pronounce all our brands and quote all our music (which is all sung in a foreign language to them), but I challenge you to name 1 Paraguayan singer, brand, actress or company. I can even broaden the spectrum to the whole of south America and still have full confidence that nobody will be able to answer the question. Globally, north Americans are know to be ignorant and un educated. We carry a natural ignorance about us, due to the fact that our culture is known worldwide and no matter where we go, we'll be able to find something familiar. English is the international language and is spoken in all countrys. But thinking realistically, it would be nearly impossible to flag down someone on a Canadian street that speaks the Spanish language. I am not ashamed to be a part of such an ignorant culture, but more so disappointed that the people of north America will never strive to adapt to a new culture, because there is no need to do so. My understanding of other nations has grown so much, for being out of Canada for only 3 months. The world is such a diverse, humbling place if you are willing to open your eyes to a new lifestyle. One lesson that I learned today? You have to let go of what you're used to, in order to move forward in a new country.


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  2. You are absolutely correct! As we continue to become more connected, "American" influences continue to be seen around the world. In addition, we continue to see influences from other cultures.

    Great blog! I have discussed on my blog how I used your experiences as a basis for a project in my classroom. Thanks!